Word Tree in Java and JavaScript

There is a technique to visualize the text, which is called Word Tree. Here is a simple implementation in Java and JavaScript using SWT (Java Library), D3 (JavaScript Library), and XulRunner. The version can be used with 64bit Windows. You can download the application and source code here: AllText v. 15.06.21 License: GPL v3

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Dekar Lab Money Builder – Personal Finance Application. Requirements.

Three months ago I have started to develop personal finance application for myself. You can ask me, why you need another personal finance application? The motivation behind the development is to replicate my excel sheet, which helps me to record income and expenses very quickly, without entering every transaction. This is possible with the usage of the following fundamental equation: capital at the begining of period + savings = capital at the end of period.

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The Stability of Traditional Measures of Index Tracking Quality

Today, the investment into indices has become a widely used strategy in portfolio management. While Index Funds and ETFs try to represent the performance of a single index, other portfolio strategies use indices as portfolio components to concentrate on the allocation task. Because an index cannot be purchased directly, it has to be rebuilt. This is called index tracking.

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